Food Revolution Day May 19th, 2017

Food Generation will be partnering with Citrus High School to celebrate Food Revolution Day on May 19th! This is a global day of action to keep healthy cooking skills alive and to raise awareness of how much sugar is hidden in our processed foods. This event was originally inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation in the UK and the USA. To date, 74 countries have taken part and over 900 Ambassadors are championing our cause worldwide!

It’s time to celebrate the importance of cooking healthy, whole foods from scratch and raising awareness of how it impacts our health and happiness. It’s about educating, inspiring and empowering our youth to make healthier food choices and creating skills that will last a lifetime!

As a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I am honored to be an Ambassador for Food Revolution in the State of Florida. Let’s get healthy Citrus County!